Leading in a wicked world

How to unravel, explore & make sustainable impact

Are you ready to tackle the complexities of today’s business world?
Look no further: Leading in a Wicked World will guide you on your journey.

This book is an essential read for those looking for success in today’s rapidly changing world. We offer you a wealth of knowledge and practical leadership strategies for leading in the Wicked World we live in, illustrated by real-world examples that bring these concepts to life.

We explore:

The key trends shaping today’s business landscape and what leading really means in a Wicked World – a world of upheaval, growing complexity, digitisation, and where old paradigms continue to crash.
How personal scripts and patterns affect leadership, plus how to shift your leadership style to better align with your organisation’s needs.
A new framework that helps leaders make sense of organisations in a Wicked World.
Inspiration and suggestions of how you can dance with the Wicked World.

The authors of Leading in a Wicked World have first-hand experience leading and coaching international leaders in how to handle the Wicked World. They understand the challenges accompanying this type of leadership and wrote this book to give you the best tools and strategies needed to navigate this new terrain successfully.


De auteur

Sonja Wekema

Sonja Wekema (MA, MSc): entrepreneur, accredited executive and team coach, and Board Whisperer. With extensive senior leadership experience, Sonja is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth. Her mission? To rehumanise leadership by empowering individuals and organisations to navigate challenges with clarity and resilience. Through emphasising individual accountability, she sparks proactive action for impactful change.





Dr. Matthias Schramm

is an entrepreneur, leader and executive coach with passion to drive change in large scale, complex organisations as a transformation evangelist. Following his north star to drive human-centred organisations and sustainable leadership, empowering people and business to thrive within the planetary boundaries.



Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
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Verschijningsdatum Mei 2024
Aantal pagina’s 152 pagina’s
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ISBN 13:9789083337500.